Whether exploring the past and learning about life in the deep sea or paddling through calm waters and hidden sanctuaries, discover the natural beauty of Kure Beach with guided tours and adventures.

Informational Exploration

Let childlike wonder roam free with an up-close look at marine life and habitats at the North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher, dubbed one of the top aquariums in the U.S. by TripAdvisor numerous times. Before your visit, purchase separate tickets online to gain backstage access on a behind-the-scenes tour to explore different areas that are typically closed to the public, such as life support systems, animal holding and exhibit spaces.


Find the perfect educational adventure at Fort Fisher State Historic Site, the location of the Civil War’s largest land and sea battle where portions of the fort, earthworks and other artifacts still remain – and, there is a type for tour for every time of family. Check the site’s schedule and plan your trip for one of the days in which costumed guides lead visitors through the fort detailing stories of artillerist and infantrymen. Participants can also learn how to drill different forms of artillery, including the cannon-like, 12-pounder gun. Looking to learn from an expert local guide? Purchase a ticket for the “Above the Scenes” tour and make your way from the floor of the fort to the top of the traverses to gain a unique vantage point of the area and some citizen know-how. Or, embark on a self-guided adventure along the tour trail, a 1.25-mile long pathway lined with exhibit panels featuring photos and mini history lessons that runs through the remains of the fort.

Journey through the marshes along the Basin Trail at Fort Fisher Recreation Area to view the soundside flora and fauna – the overlook at the end of the trail is not to be missed! Visit an old World War II-era, concrete bunker that sits along the trail and recount the stories of the legendary Fort Fisher Hermit that lived there for over a decade.


Aquatic Adventures

From marshes to secluded islands, venture with Kayak Carolina on one of its many guided excursions through Kure Beach’s waterways. Focus on sightseeing and exploration on an adventure tour or visit the salt marshes around the Fort Fisher Basin on its nature tour. Paddle out one an eco-tour to Zeke’s Island Reserve, an important shorebird habitat only accessible by water, or capture a glimpse of early morning peace while the sun rises over the calm waters during the guided Zeke’s Island Sunrise Paddle.

Prefer to explore at your own pace? Embark on the ultimate, self-guided kayaking experience and grab all the necessary gear for your adventure from nearby Pleasure Island Rentals.

From hidden gems to peaceful parks, there are many different must-see sites in Kure Beach. Check out these perfect paddle spots, including the waters surrounding Zeke’s Island Reserve and the Fort Fisher Basin where you can explore its lagoon complex.


Natural beauty abounds in Kure Beach and these guided adventures and tours offer the perfect opportunities to learn about marine life and ecosystems, journey through history, paddle to peaceful sanctuaries and more.